Backstage Tours

Backstage Tours

Theatre Royal Plymouth Tours

A behind-the-scenes tour of the The Lyric and The Drum gives you a unique look at how a busy theatre operates. Our backstage tour aims to take you you behind the scenes to view the The Lyric auditorium from the stage, the flexible format of The Drum, the orchestra pit, the trap-rooms and front-of-house areas. Glimpse inside the dressing rooms, wings and backstage areas, experience some of the theatricality, heritage and tradition all in the company of well-informed and enthusiastic guides.

Come and enjoy the buzz of what’s happening behind the scenes today!

These tours normally take place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and last approximately 90 minutes.

Tour only £7
Tour and afternoon tea (Weekdays only) £15
Tour and cream tea (Saturdays only) £10

TR2 Tours

Take a tour of our production and learning centre and discover where we design and build sets, make costumes and props and where companies come to rehearse.

These tours normally take place on Tuesday afternoon and last approximately 75 minutes.

Tour only £7
Tour and cream tea £10

The Packages

Cream Tea

Enjoy a relaxing cream tea after your tour in one of our seating areas. You will be served tea alongside plain and fruit scones baked by the award winning ‘The Devon Scone Company’ with preserve and Cornish clotted cream. Large groups will be reserved a dedicated space.

Afternoon Tea

Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea after your tour in one of our seating areas. Plain and fruit scones are served with jam and Cornish clotted cream alongside a selection of sandwiches and an assortment of treats such as cakes and meringues. All served with tea. Large groups will be reserved a dedicated space.

If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please advise a box office advisor a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Please Note

  • Some areas of the theatre, such as The Lyric stage, may not be accessible on every tour
  • Discounted prices are available for groups of 10 and over. Please book directly via Box Office
  • To discuss the possibility of alternative dates and times, or to arrange a specialist tour, please contact
  • If you are a formal learning institution and would like a tour for your school, college or university, please book via
  • The tour takes part in various areas of the Theatre and will require the use of steps and walkways on many levels. When booking, please let a Box Office advisor know if you need an adapted tour for accessibility