In the Shadow of the Black Dog

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In The Shadow Of The Black Dog


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“How can I be vulnerable and emotional, when it goes against everything I’ve felt I had to be since I was a boy?”

In The Shadow Of The Black Dog, written & performed by Daniel Hallissey and presented by All The Pigs, tells the story of Alquist.

An endearing, raw comedy, the story takes place in the present, while the narrative includes flashbacks that inform the audience of significant events from his past and the motivations that lead Alquist to challenge his beliefs about what it means to be a man in today’s world.

The catalysts for writing In The Shadow of the Black Dog are BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. My best friend died. Soon after, I became ill and was sitting in a hospital emergency room, alone and scared believing I wouldn’t have long to live. I felt unable to call anyone for support to be with me. Months later, I was chased down by two men on a moped, wielding knives, threatening to kill me and I narrowly escaped. After the experience of these events a thought has stayed with me I haven’t been able to shift: I don’t know if I can save myself. I eventually reached out to my mates and found we were all harboring the same fears about being a man or not a good enough one.

This story is about confronting fear, embarrassment and pain, learning it doesn’t work if we keep avoiding the root causes and staying quiet. We can’t just put on a mask and convince ourselves everything will be OK. The way to break this cycle of hurt and suffering and to be able to move on is to be willing to ask questions, address the underlying reasons for our unhappiness and engage with others so we can better understand ourselves. Only then can a better life be possible, as we stop trying to survive each day and start to live.

Age guidance: 15+ (contains strong language & sexual references)
Running time: 1 hour (approx.)

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