Rambert: Life is a Dream

Tuesday 27-Wednesday 28 November Download Calendar

The Lyric


Award-winning choreographer Kim Brandstrup returns with Life is a Dream; a lavish spectacle and a vivid piece of contemporary dance story-telling.

In the same room, decades apart: a woman incarcerated, presumed mad; a boy experiencing the world through his computer; a theatre group discovering a 400-year-old Spanish play with surprising relevance. As their parallel stories unfold, their room transforms taking the characters to places beyond their imaginations. Could it be that too many of their dreams are coming true?

Legendary filmmakers the Quay Brothers create an ever-changing, dream-like world, illuminated by Rambert’s world-class dancers with a full-size symphony orchestra playing the rich, harmonious music of Witold Lutosławski.

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Under 16s, Student, Young Company, Unwaged
£8 off B & C

Over 60s, People’s Company
£3.50 off B & C

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