Easter Academy

Easter Academy: The Last Dodo ages 8-11


Monday 9 April 2018 Download Calendar


Age: 8-11 year olds
When: Monday 9th April – Thursday 12th April 1pm -3.30pm
Where: Production and Learning Centre, TR2, REH 01
Price: £55 for the week

The year is 1598. A group of Dutch sailors, blown off course by a storm in the Indian Ocean, land on a beautiful uninhabited island full of amazing wildlife. Within 100 years, many of these incredible & unique species, including the poor Dodo, were extinct.

What went wrong? And are there lessons for us to learn today, about living more carefully & thoughtfully in the world?

Take part in this musical, full of brilliant songs, movement, dance and drama, about what happened to the last Dodo and what we can do to stop it happening again.