Whey Down South

A new show by our Lab Company, the Narwhal Ensemble

Whey Down South


Wednesday 12 - Saturday 15 July 2017 Download Calendar

The Lab


Jenny stands at the top of the hill. Her legs shake, her top lip trembles. The decline before her beckons. The wind pushes at her back. This is her time, the hill her arena. Will Jenny defy the expectations of friends and family, risking severe bodily harm to become a Champion Cheese-Roller?

Join the Narwhal Ensemble, this year’s Theatre Royal Plymouth Lab Company, for Whey Down South, a theatrical quest to revive the age old tradition of cheese rolling and fight the looming influence of big money. Will the community band together, or will it crumble like a finely aged cheddar?

The Narwhal Ensemble are born out of The Lab Company, the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s training and development program for early career artists living and working in the region. This exciting new show marks the culmination of a year-long residency spent at the theatre.

Recommended for ages 12+.

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