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A Theatre Royal Plymouth People's Company Production

Scenes from an Execution


Thursday 29 June - Saturday 1 July 2017 Download Calendar

The Drum


Someone’s got to speak for dead men, not pain and pity, but abhorrence, fundamental and unqualified, blood down the paintbrush, madness in the gums..

Galactia, one of the most talented and renowned painters of her generation, is commissioned by the Venetian State to create a mural celebrating their naval victory over the Ottoman Empire. But, determined to present the brutality and suffering of conflict in her painting, she finds herself at direct odds with the wishes of the State. Resolute in her choice, she risks losing everything for the sake of artistic integrity.

Scenes from an Execution is a darkly humorous and provocative play that asks fundamental questions about the role of an artist, the State and the obligation of both to reflect the truth.

The Theatre Royal Plymouth’s People’s Company creates opportunities for anyone over the age of 18 to participate in theatre, including the chance to perform in The Drum.

Recommended for ages 14+. Contains nudity

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