Travelling Light presents

Sammy and the Snow Leopard


Tuesday 11 - Saturday 15 April 2017 Download Calendar

The Drum


Sammy is 9 years old and likes animals. No…he LOVES animals. The problem is his Mum won’t let him have any pets. But when his best friend Hokey Pokey tells him about the ‘Adopt a Snow Leopard’ programme, Sammy reckons he’s found a way to have a pet that doesn’t actually come to the house. Perfect! But then Sammy gets an unexpected gift – and finds himself on an adventure that quickly spirals out of control…

This is a high-energy show involving stuffed animals, evil neighbours, school projects and lines that will enchant everyone over 5.

Travelling Light are renowned for producing innovative and inspiring shows for young audiences.

by Brad McCormick

Run time – 50 mins
Age – 5+

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