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The Lab


A festival of new short plays

Four brand new and entirely unique pieces of work created for PlayLAB featuring the Young Company, The People’s Company and Our Space.

Via PlayLAB, Theatre Royal Plymouth aims to offer more opportunities for directors and theatre makers and, in this festival of short plays, we will be supporting up and coming artists to make bold new work that matters to them.

Theatre Royal Plymouth aims to enable people from all walks of life to make work and be heard.

Here’s Something That You Just Don’t See

Here’s Something That You Just Don’t See, directed by Tim Bell, will be a bold, exciting, devised piece of new theatre, exploring what it’s like to be a Plymouth teenager. Developed and devised using a process that will truly have young people at its helm, the play will examine and explode the myths and stereotypes of what it is like to grow up today, exploring the questions being asked of, about and by teenagers as they enter adulthood.

The Pursuit of Tangleproof Headphones

We are fired up. We are ready to go. We are the protagonists of our own unique adventure, captains of our own destiny, authors of our own screenplay. We are the only one who feels like this.

The Pursuit of Tangleproof Headphones, directed by Tom Nicholas, takes a sideways look at individualism, competition and isolation in our stories and our selves with bucket loads of energy and a live music score.


Milestones, directed by Daisy Higman is a verbatim-inspired theatre piece about life goals, the ages at which we are supposed to achieve them and whether those goals increase our happiness. By collaging interview material drawn from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, looking forward to and back upon life, Milestones will examine our attitudes to success, failure and aging.

Beyond the Bend

Beyond the Bend, Do you remember what you were doing, or where you were when Elvis died? Whether you liked him, or disliked him, we all have an Elvis story… Looking at the rise, decline and ultimately the death of this rock icon, we are reflecting on our own life ups and downs, past present and looking to the future with stories of survival. Working as an ensemble we are exploring the idea of de-entertainment, of how we can be ourselves on stage and share our extraordinary narratives in the hope of reaching some universal truths about what it is to be human. This production will be performed by members of Our Space and Project X.

Age guidance: 14+

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