Ontroerend Goed in co-production with Arts Centre Vooruit Ghent, Theatre Royal Plymouth and Richard Jordan Productions



Wednesday 7 - Saturday 24 June 2017 Download Calendar

The Drum


Take your seats. Place your bets. Play the game.

Imagine you are super rich, part of the elite 1% who pull the strings at the very heart of the global economic system. Ontroerend Goed, the company that brought you Fight Night and A History of Everything invite you, for one night, to sit at the table and play the system from within.

Tonight, you call the shots. Your decisions shape the course we’re all about to take.

And who knows? You might make the world a fairer, better and more responsible place. Because you’ll do things differently, for sure.

£¥€$ (Lies) is the latest interactive show from the internationally acclaimed Ontroerend Goed and marks our tenth co-production with them, one of the most dynamic, innovative and exciting theatre companies in the world.

‘, fast and incredibly exciting theatre.’
‘A phenomenally powerful show about the financial sector.’
‘In a playful way, £¥€$ raises deadly serious questions – this is high-class theatre. ‘ – De Morgen, May 2017

‘Ontroerend Goed builds the stock market suspense in an almost inconspicuous way.’
‘All participants feel the adrenaline pumping through their bodies.’ – De Standaard, May 2017

Pricing & Concessions

All Performances: £15

Preview Performances (7, 8, 9, 10 Jun): £13

Concessions: £11