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CAS presents Project New Earth to celebrate the spirit and legacy of the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC) as British and Chinese communities commemorate WW1 today.

100 years ago, the British and French armies recruited 140,000 Chinese men to work behind the western front. CLC was the largest overseas labour force, giving their blood, sweat and tears to help the allies win, but have since been forgotten. This is their story.

There are two film installations which will be on display in the Gallery and two performance pieces in the Lab.

Heroes Within (film)
A young Chinese woman discovers her ancestral contribution to Allied success in this music-dance-spoken word film. Animation peels back the layers of the painting, Pantheon de la Guerre, when the CLC were ‘painted out’ of history to make room for American soldiers.

Missing Parts (performance- dance)
Contemporary dancers explore distant journeys, monotony and nostalgia in homage to the CLC who became essential cogs in the war effort. Specially composed music creates a soundscape via recordings and live performance on pipa.

Lunar Corps (film)
From labyrinthine warrens of lost memory, the stories and bodies of the CLC are excavated and brought into blazing light. This vivid music-dance film is a sensorial awakening to remember the forgotten.

Song Unsung (performance – music/movement)
Singer-actors weave together Chinese folk and English WW1 songs, with a moving drama focused on two men separated from family, lovers and friends by the war.

Pricing & Concessions

Sat 15 Oct 4pm & 7pm

Free. Ticketed in advance

If you have tickets and are unable to attend, please inform us so we can make these availible