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Glyndebourne Behind the Curtain (Don Giovanni)

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Whether you are completely new to opera, or simply curious to find out more about this uniquely beautiful art form this special performance presented by Paul Rissmann is for you. This brand new special event has been created especially for Tour 2016 to provide a behind-the-scenes exploration of what goes into putting an opera on stage, while at the same time demystifying opera itself with an inspirational look at Don Giovanni, one of our touring operas this season.

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FAQ’s about Don Giovanni: Behind the Curtain

Is it a pre-performance talk?
No absolutely not. Behind the Curtain is a theatrical event which explores the magic of opera live on stage. Audiences old and new will have the chance to experience Don Giovanni from an entirely different perspective. Behind the Curtain is a little like watching a director’s commentary on a DVD, as it will reveal some of the secrets of performance but it also offers the audience a chance to meet the incredible singers behind the characters in Mozart’s opera.

Is it a performance?
Yes absolutely. We will have all the soloists, chorus, orchestra and all the production elements of Glyndebourne’s Don Giovanni in Behind the Curtain. Of course you’ll get to hear some wonderful music and swatch some scenes from the opera – but there will also be an unique playfulness to the evening. Imagine being able to pause a live opera and ask a question, or explore how a singer interacts with the orchestra. Behind the Curtain will examine how opera works live on stage.

Is it on stage?
Oh yes and for the first 3 minutes it will feel just like any other night at the opera – but then everything will change!

Is it suitable for children?
Behind the Curtain has been conceived for anyone who is interested in discovering more about opera. It aims to be sophisticated enough to appeal to existing audience members, but completely accessible in its delivery so that people who have never attended opera before will have a fun night out. Secondary school music students will also gain much from attending the performance.

If we haven’t seen Don Giovanni will it make sense?
Even if Don Giovanni is brand-new to you, over the course of the evening we will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy the performance. But it is important to note that Behind the Curtain is not a reduced or simplified version of Mozart’s opera – it is a complete theatrical event in itself. It’s a bit like watching a cooking show on TV, where they reveal all the ingredients, show you how they are carefully combined and in the end you have a delicious creation – but unlike TV, where you never actually get to taste the dish, in Behind the Curtain we will bring everything together so you can enjoy one of the greatest operatic finales ever written.

Who is Paul Rissmann?
Paul Rissmann is a passionate and unique music presenter who has hosted Classics Unwrapped for BBC Radio Scotland and a critically acclaimed series of music discovery concerts for adults called Naked Classics. He will introduce you to the key elements of opera, demonstrating hands-on how opera’s unique combination of music and words powerfully explores and intensifies our emotions.

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