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The 3 Dancers, Terra Incognita and Frames


Wednesday 23 - Friday 25 September 2015 Download Calendar

The Lyric


Love, desire and betrayal are the ingredients of the shocking true story which inspired Picasso’s masterpiece, The Three Dancers. Now Rambert springs Picasso’s painting from the canvas to the stage, bringing to life his vivid Cubist imagery and the themes of ecstasy and doom that fill his work. Didy Veldman’s The 3 Dancers, with orchestral music by leading composer Elena Kats-Chernin, forms the centrepiece of this enthralling triple bill of dance.

The programme also features Terra Incognita, created by ground-breaking dancemaker Shobana Jeyasingh. Set to Gabriel Prokofiev’s driving score, Rambert’s dancers journey to unknown lands in an atmospheric piece that evokes the sense of mystery that inspired the ancient sea-farers.

Completing the line-up is Frames, an inventive and visually arresting piece by British dance’s hottest property Alexander Whitley. Twelve performers skilfully manipulate 70 interlocking metal bars, forming shapes, structures and spaces which, quite literally, frame their dancing in a different light.

Packed with thought-provoking drama, superb live music and world-class dancing, this is Britain’s national dance company at its most captivating.

Running Time: approximately 2 hours 20 minutes

Post Show Q&A: Thu 24 Sep (also signed)

Access performances

Signed performance
Thu 24 Sep 7.30pm

Pricing & Concessions

Full price:
Wed – Fri 7.30pm A: £27, B: £23, C: £19, D: £17, E: £13

Under 16s, Student, Unwaged, Young Company
£8 off A, B & C

Over 60s, Disabled:
£3 off A, B & C

Corporate Members:
£5 off A, B & C all performances

Corporate Members & Friends of Theatre
2-4-1 tickets A, B & C (Fri 25 Sep)

£5 off A, B & C (Fri 25 Sep)

People’s Company:
£3.50 off A, B & C

Groups of 10+:
£1.50 off A, B & C

Groups of 20+:
£2.50 off A, B & C

Groups of 40+:
£3.50 off A, B & C

School groups of 10+:
£10 tickets A, B & C (Wed & Thu eves)

Please note: Prices include a 70p per ticket booking fee. Concessions exclude price band E in The Lyric.

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