The Tamaritans present

Visiting Hour

By Richard Harris, Directed by Niall Clinton


Tuesday 10 - Saturday 14 June 2014 Download Calendar

The Drum


Visiting Hour is a set of scenes, both funny and poignant, set in a hospital ward and written by Richard Harris – the award winning author of the hilarious play and TV series Outside Edge.

Helen visits her husband, hospitalised after a car accident. She is obviously concerned, but what was he doing in a remote country lane without his trousers?!

Pauline talks to her mother about her illness, but all is not quite as it seems; Pauline is harbouring conflicting emotions and a strange compulsion…

Brenda’s visitors are supposed to be cheering her up… but are they really?

Hospitals may change, but the visitors are always the same!

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£13.70 (Thu – Sat eves), £11.70 (Sat mat)

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