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The Drum


Last summer, Valentijn Dhaenens brought us his award winning performance, BigMouth, hot from a European tour and en route to critically-acclaimed seasons in London, New York and Australia.

Now he returns with SmallWar, set in 1914 in a field dressing station behind the front lines.

Dhaenens as a nurse, maintaining a watchful vigil with her patients, discovers, confronts and observes. In turn, Dhaenens is confronted by simultaneous digital versions of himself, as a series of combatants arise from the shadows.

Set against an impressive video matrix by the installation artist, Jeroen Wuyts, SmallWar tells its stories in the words of those who were there, those who led the way, and those who followed.

“When clean little lives, when clean little souls boil up in the backwash, they will consolidate, after the final war, into a peace that shall endure… but not till then. By examining the things cast up in the backwash, we can gauge the progress of humanity” – Ellen Newbold La Motte, American nurse in a French field hospital.

Running Time: 1hr 10mins
Age Restriction: 14+

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A haunting and beautiful multimedia exploration of the horrors of war.


Drawn from the testimonies of soldiers through history, the play exposes how brutally war dehumanises.


Explosive in its quiet intensity, SmallWar is a theatrical powder keg packed with innovation and raw emotion.

A treatment out of the ordinary from the Belgian theatre maker Valentijn Dhaenens.


A polished multimedia meditation on the horrors of war.

Metro (Scotland)

(This) haunting one-man show about the not-so-small impact of war is hard to ignore


A compelling and poignant piece of theatre. An emotional experience and beautifully and sensitively performed. It will leave a lasting impression.

Audience Member

Brilliantly executed, thought provoking drama.

Audience Member

A really stylish and absorbing piece of theatre.

Audience Member

STUNNING!! & extremely moving – very well put together. Lots of subtleties added to message.

Audience Member

A haunting, compelling hour

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