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An Ontroerend Goed, Vooruit, Theatre Royal Plymouth & Richard Jordan Productions Ltd Co-Production


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Sirens is written – and performed – by six young women, members of the internationally renowned Belgian company, Ontroerend Goed. It is their heartfelt, yet irreverent, feminist manifesto for the 21st century.

They describe a new journey of contemporary femininity: their expectations, persisting inequalities, hard-fought rights, self-censorship and everyday abuse.

Co-operating like a musical sextet, they scream, laugh, sing, speak and cry their way through their experiences as women in the modern Western world, with new-found joys and liberties. They’ve taken control of their lives, expression and appearance and moved on, past militant anti-male rage to the hope that men can be just as feminist as they are.

Sirens – six young women, both alluring and alarming. The stage is theirs.

This Theatre Royal Plymouth co-production with dynamic and innovative Belgian theatre company, Ontroerend Goed, follows our previous joint success with Fight Night, All That is Wrong, Audience, A History of Everything, Teenage Riot and Under the Influence.

With support of the Flemish Community, Province of East-Flanders and the City of Ghent.

_*Sirens won Best Ensemble in The Stage Awards for Excellence 2014, and we are delighted to announce that it has also been nominated for a Total Theatre Award in the Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form category.

Recommended for audiences aged 18+. Contains strong sexual imagery and language.

Post Show Q&A: Wed 26 Nov

Running Time: 1hr 20mins (approx)

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It’s the unexpected juxtapositions that make this beautifully put-together show so startling and so thought-provoking. Big, bold, brazen, and not a hussy in sight. Only real women asking what it means to be a feminist.

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

It develops into a kind of beautiful howl of modern womanhood that echoes long after the cast leaves the stage

The Independent
The Stage

“A bold critique of everyday sexism”

Metro Scotland
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