Boxe Boxe

Theatre Royal Plymouth

Dance Consortium present Compagnie Käfig’s

Boxe Boxe

Choreographed and Directed by Mourad Merzouki


Friday 4 - Saturday 5 April 2014 Download Calendar

The Lyric


France’s Compagnie Käfig return to the UK with Boxe Boxe, a breath-taking show which fuses the noble art of boxing with dance. With choreography by Artistic Director Mourad Merzouki, the brutality and elegance of both these contrasting worlds collide in a spine-tingling show which packs a knock-out punch.

Eight exceptional dancers blend martial arts, street and contemporary dance to create a spirited and stunning fusion of hip-hop and fisticuffs which has dazzled audiences the world over. Boxe Boxe draws on the rich pageantry and theatricality of boxing where bright red gloves effortlessly morph into puppets and punch balls explode like featherweight balloons.

The dancers move in perfect unison to live music from an onstage string quartet, with beautifully rendered classical music including Schubert, Ravel, Philip Glass and Glen Miller. The choice and meticulous timing of the music injects a further dash of romanticism and melancholy into scenes.

A stunning, joyful and inventive show, Boxe Boxe is powerful and original dance which will leave you clambering for ringside seats.

a muscular and visual extravaganza. ★ ★ ★ ★

Edinburgh Guide

it packs a tingle factor that leaves you wanting to see it all over again. ★ ★ ★ ★

The Herald

Post Show Q&A: Fri 04 Apr
Running Time: 1hr 5mins (approx)

Pricing & Concessions

Full price:
£11.70 – £22.70

Please note: Prices include a 70p per ticket booking fee.

Under 16s, Student, Unwaged, Young Company, ANLO:
£8 off A, B & C

Over 60s, Disabled:
£3 off A, B & C

Corporate Members:
£5 off A, B & C

£4 off A, B & C (Fri 04 Apr)

People’s Company:
£3.50 off A, B & C

Groups of 10+:
£3 off each ticket in A, B & C

Groups of 20+:
£4 off each ticket in A, B & C

Groups of 40+:
£5 off each ticket in A, B & C

School groups of 10+:
£10 tickets

Please note: Prices include a 70p per ticket booking fee. Concessions exclude price band E in The Lyric.


As a symbol of the enduring appeal of art over combat it could hardly be more powerful. An absolute knockout.

Visually dazzling

Le Monde

Entertainment for all the family

La Croix
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