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Thursday 17 October 2013 Download Calendar


Thursday 17th October from 7pm to midnight

Our Club Night was the first of its kind in the South West and kicked off a four-year programme of activities at Theatre Royal. Over 300 clubbers at TR2 rocked out to live performances, DJ’s, dancing, bars, open mic sessions, party people, chill out zone and more!

“Got to say a MASSIVE thank you and well done to all the organisers and volunteers at Funky Llama last night. What an excellent event!!! It’s a refreshing change for young disabled people to have such a hip event to go to. Excellent performances, brill DJ’s and some great open mic sets. Bravo TR2…Bravo.” Becky Hilton


MouLlama Rouge – Sequin Stage Performers

7.20-8.30pm Nicola Winton; Karen Skinner and Geoff Curno; Hayley Trout; Linda Ward; The Cheeky Girls and One Boy: Christina Eccleston, Christina Nouzouroa, Ryan Frost, Trish (Patricia) Turner, Donna Walmsley, Julie Anderson, Louise Akehurst; 8.30-9.30pm and 10.30-11.30pm Open Mic; MouLlama Rouge playlist by Plymouth Music Zone; Live accompaniment by Anna Batson; Sam Chapple and Dan Vasile
The Calmer Llama – Massage and Chillout room
Massage Therapist Nigel Gregson; playlist by Plymouth Music Zone

Rio Rave – Carnival Stage Performers

MC Paul Lacey
7pm-12midnight Funky Llama DJ Crew: Donna Jones, Aaron Fitzpatrick, Michael Brooks, Josh Bentley
7.10pm Outbreak: Aaron Fitzpatrick, created by Wheelfever, Plymouth
7.45pm Funky Llama Dancers Michael Jackson Medley
8.10pm Luke Lundin Battle
8.45pm Too Hot for Candy: Kali Perkins, Arthur Lea, Isaac Palm
9.30pm Samba Roc
10pm Electronic Carnival: Mike Canning and Anna Batson

Live Acts

Samba Roc
A local, Paignton group of musicians who drum to the beat of Brazil! They are loud, they are full of carnival energy and they will open our Club Night.
Too Hot for Candy
Singer-songwriter Kali Perkins, musician Arthur Lea and drummer Isaac Palm bring you a sound they describe as ‘way funky’. Inspired by Prince, Sly and the Family Stone and with big beats and funky drumming, this is music you can party to! Like them on Facebook.
Parents and Carers
The Green Room Café was available to parents and carers who wish to relax and enjoy the evening with each other rather than on the dance floor!

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Information Contact

Email Becky or call 01752 267222.
Find us on Facebook.
Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Funky Llama is about big performing arts events that are open to all. Events are run by learning disabled adults and are a focus for learning new skills and making great friends.

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