The Devil is an Ass - People's Company


Thursday 16 - Saturday 18 February 2012 Download Calendar


Pug, an eager underling, begs Satan for a chance to visit Earth and tempt men to evil. He is granted a single day to do the Devil’s work; to corrupt a rich and foolish man plagued by conartists selling flooded land and raisin wine, and trying to steal his trophy wife. Does he stand a chance in a world already so filled with vice and corruption? Can he compete with swindlers and adulterers? Or will the sins on Earth make him wish for a return to Hell?

Written by Ben Jonson, one of the 17th Century’s most controversial playwrights, *_The Devil is an Ass _*is a witty satire filled with comedy, conmen and moral ambiguity.

The People’s Company perform a brand new adaptation that captures the wit and poetry of Jonson’s masterpiece in a fast paced and modern one-act production.

The Theatre Royal Plymouth’s People’s Company creates opportunities for anyone over the age of 18 to participate in theatre, including the chance to perform in the Drum Theatre. Please click here for more information on the People’s Company.

Running time 70mins