Doctor in the House


Saturday 2 - Thursday 28 June 2012 Download Calendar


Adapted by Ted Willis from Richard Gordon’s novel
Directed byIan Talbot

Do you need a prescription for laughter? Then here comes the cure as the classic British comedy, Doctor in the House hits the stage!

Follow the inexperienced young medical student Simon Sparrow beginning his five-year internship at St. Swithin’s Teaching Hospital. Continually running afoul of the short-tempered head surgeon, Sir Lancelot Spratt, his social life is spiced up when Sparrow is taken under the wings of two student repeaters, Tony Grimsdyke and John Evans, to farcical consequences.

Starring one of Britain’s best loved funnymen, Joe Pasquale, stage and screen actor Robert Powell and refereed by award winning director Ian Talbot, Doctor in the House is comedy at its very best; the doctor will see you now!