The Misanthrope 2009

The Misanthrope

…Call it insanity. But I take issue with the whole of humanity.

The Misanthrope – A dark, biting comedy interwoven with a fresh indy soundtrack performed live one of Plymouth’s brightest young bands, Orange Pip The Scientist (6music- Unsigned Band of the week) who interact with the stage action. The Misanthrope is Moliere’s masterpiece, brought bang up to date into the world of London’s Brit Art, brat pack by Martin Crimp. A witty and playful exploration of the blurred boundaries of modern life between good and bad in art, culture and morality.

Is Britney better than Beethoven?

Alceste is making a stand against…well everyone. He’s fed up with a world infatuated with celebrity. It makes him sick, but what is really making him sicker is that he’s in love with Jennifer, a twenty year old movie star and the icon and pin-up for the prurient pop world he despises.

Is Paris Hilton more fascinating than say Martin Crimp? (‘Who?’- ‘Well Exactly!’)

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