Access Volunteers

Access Volunteers

Our team of volunteers enable access performances for our patrons. Without them, we could not offer the wide range of audio described and captioned performances that we currently do. Our volunteers also support a wide range of people who come into the Theatre with access requirements. There are four distinct areas of volunteering in this department, and each varies in the time commitment required.

1. Captioners
Captioners need to be computer literate and good at typing, with excellent concentration. They prepare and enter scripts into the caption programme in advance, then scroll through in real time along with a performance to provide captioned performances for the hard of hearing.

2. Audio describers
Audio describers must have good diction, be good at writing and excellent attention to detail. They write descriptive scripts, which they use to describe performances in real-time. This description is delivered via audio headsets worn by blind or partially sighted patrons.

3. Tour Guides
Tour guides must be engaging and fun. They must have an interest in Theatre and want to create a unique experience for groups of paying customers. They take patrons around our TRP or TR2 site for sessions of 90minutes.

4. Companions
Companions enable patrons to visit who need assistance getting from their car, or help moving around in the theatre during a show, such as wheelchair users or patrons with dementia or anxiety. Companions should be patient and good at making conversation. They will not be expected to assist with toilet breaks.

All volunteers are also encouraged to assist in handing out audio enhance headsets, which are available for every performance in the Lyric and Drum for our hard-of-hearing patrons.

If you think you would like to become an Access volunteer or have any questions, please e-mail volunteer@theatreroyal.com