Bespoke Workshops for Schools

Schools Reach Workshops

Schools Reach Workshops

Using first-rate, professional theatre skills to reach your students full potential.

A brand new programme of workshops to support your curriculum needs.

Reach Speech

A workshop designed to develop and further student’s oracy skills. Using the same vocal coaching techniques as in our own rehearsals, this workshop supports student’s spoken expression and speaking and listening skills. A perfect workshop to develop students Interview technique and employability skills whilst developing confidence in public speaking and presentation skills.
This workshop would be an excellent addition to an employability or challenge week or as part of a targeted intervention programme for less confident students.

Reach Reading

Our Reach reading workshop will see students undertaking the same rigorous process of textual analysis that the Theatre Royal’s industry leading directors and actors undertake. Designed specifically to develop students ability to read for meaning, this workshop aims to advance students recall ability, text analysis and interpretation technique. Using theatre skills to boost student’s concept development ability.
A fantastic workshop to prepare students for extended writing or as part of an intervention programme for less able readers.

Reach Writing

A play may have been redrafted up to 20 times before it reaches our stages, the process of redrafting being central to the craft of a playwright. This workshop explores the process of redrafting and upscaling work through the context of playwriting. Promoting the idea of mastery, the workshop encourages students to see writing as a process. The workshop encourages students to share ideas, collaborate and reflect on their writing.
A great workshop to develop a pedagogy of mastery around student lead learning and a creative way to enhance student’s ability to upscale their own work.

Reach Resilience

This workshop uses the concept of BLP’s learning muscles and gives students an opportunity to explore each learning muscle in a theatrical context. This workshop allows students to reflect and explore the skills that make a truly resilient learner.
A fantastic opportunity to support student’s ability to take control of their own independent learning.

Reach Devising

Devising is a theatre making process used by top theatre companies. A perfect way to build confidence and teamwork within a cohort. Lead by professional theatre makers, this workshop gives an introduction to a range of techniques used for creating theatre and performance from scratch.
A great way to launch a Devising module or to support team building and collaboration.

Reach Potential

A workshop specifically developed to build students confidence, creativity and self-esteem. Our Reach Potential Workshop offers a safe space for students to share ideas and reflect using theatre and creative play.
A fantastic workshop to deliver in smaller groups or as part of a targeted intervention, this workshop can be offered as a longer spanning project with targeted students.

Reach Further

For an additional fee of £50 we are able to develop a bespoke workshop, tailor made to meet your curriculum needs. Our bespoke workshops will be specifically designed for your students and can be based on whatever topic you would like.

Our workshops last up to 2 hours and are priced at £150+VAT. For more information or to book a workshop please contact

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