FAQ The Lab Company

Why is the age bracket only up to 30?

18-30 is our age range guideline but we are happy to consider applications outside on this bracket. All applications will be considered on a case by case basis.
Following detailed research into similar schemes, funding options and evaluation of last year’s project we felt this age range best encapsulated what we mean by ‘early career artists’. This age range allows us to serve theatre makers who are at the start of their training, those who have completed their training and those with some previous experience.
A core goal of the project is for participants to form a theatre company which would be sustainable beyond the programme. We feel that the 18-30 age bracket best supports this objective, in terms of experience cross-over.
Whilst we know that some people may be at the start of a career at a later stage in life, perhaps due to a change in career or circumstance, there can be challenges in tailoring our training to people at different stages of their lives. However, if you feel this scheme would be right for you and you have a genuine interest in forming a company and collaborating with other theatre makers we would still encourage you to apply.

What else do we offer early/mid stage career artists?

We also offer a number of other schemes to support artists including IdeasLAB, Space Race, , 18+ Work Experience, Volunteering

What is the time commitment?

There are 3 × 10 week terms in the year which run along the same lines as our other creative learning projects (roughly 5 weeks each side of half term). Official Lab Company workshop/rehearsal days are Thursday mornings 10am-1pm and Fridays 10am-4pm. In addition there will be 2 intensive weeks to develop the ideas and rehearse for the main production.

The company may also choose to meet outside of these sessions to develop work and we can support this with rehearsal space.

Do I need to be a performer to apply?

We welcome applications from people with interests outside of performing, including playwrights, directors, lighting and sound designers, dramaturgs, composers etc. However we expect everyone to have a go at a range of different roles and a large part of the course will be about devising and ensemble work so we expect those that get involved to be comfortable with performing and workshopping ideas. Roles within the company will need to be decided by the company so we expect people to approach this experience with an open mind.

If you have additional questions please contact us at talent.development@theatreroyal.com