The Devil is an Ass

Pug, an eager underling, begs Satan for a chance to visit Earth and tempt men to evil. He is granted a single day to do the Devil’s work; to corrupt a rich and foolish man plagued by conartists selling flooded land and raisin wine, and trying to steal his trophy wife. Does he stand a chance in a world already so filled with vice and corruption? Can he compete with swindlers and adulterers? Or will the sins on Earth make him wish for a return to Hell?

Written by Ben Jonson, one of the 17th Century’s most controversial playwrights, The Devil is an Ass is a witty satire filled with comedy, conmen and moral ambiguity.

The People’s Company perform a brand new adaptation that captures the wit and poetry of Jonson’s masterpiece in a fast paced and modern one-act production.