Running Funky Llama

Running Funky Llama

The Funky Llama Crew worked with the Theatre Royal Plymouth to learn new skills in areas of the theatre industry such as Front of House, Box Office, Catering and Production. The Theatre Royal Plymouth is also working in partnership with PLUSS to offer work experience in these areas.

A Steering Group called Driving Force plan, advise on access, discuss programming and give feedback on Funky Llama events.

This is my first time in a leadership role and I have learned so many life skills, such as managing my time. Funky Llama has helped me to keep focused – on reading emails for example because I’m usually quite slack about getting back on correspondence, because of my dyslexia. I’ve also had to keep up with the timetable, I didn’t know how to before, If I wasn’t doing something like this I’d be staying in bed till 11 or 12 o’clock!

Luke Lundin, Funky Llama Driving Force

2017 Funky Llama Ushers

Mikey Brooks, Hayley Smith, Sam Underhill

2017 Funky Llama Driving Force (Steering Group)

Hannah Lavell, Sam Underhill, Mikey Brooks, David McCannan, Tristan Tozer, Olivia Frost, Sam Lane, Isaac, David Aiken, Greig Curno, Clare, Colin Hocking.

2017 Funky Llama Stage Management

CJ Clark, Sam Underhill, Sam Lane, Luke Doughty, Amy Croker, Greig Curno, Antony Jerwood.

2016 Funky Llama Ushers

Sarah Lambert, Andrew Donohoe and David McCannan

2016 Funky Llama Driving Force (Steering Group)

Katie Popman, David McCannan, Greig Curno, Colin Hocking, Brendan Weaver, Chris Burns, Michael Brooks, Bex Marshall, Hannah Lavell, Ryan Frost, Alex Ringham, Sara Baldwin.

2016 Funky Llama Stage Management

Funky Llama are currently training differently abled adults to join the Stage Management Crew for the Funky Llama Festival 2016. This is professional training and work experience in working back stage. The training is taking place in The Lab at the Theatre Royal Plymouth every other week, across fourteen weeks.

2015 Funky Llama Driving Force (steering group)

Luke Lundin, Chris Burns, Brendan Weaver, Michelle Parfitt, Keira Jones, Katie Popman, Grieg Curno, David McCannan, Mikey Brooks, Ryan Frost, Paul McGlinchey and Colin Hocking

2015 Funky Llama Stage Management Crew

CJ Clark, Jason Hill and Bronwen Parkin

2014 Funky Llama Driving Force (steering group)

Chris Burns, Gary Eastle, Luke Thorne, Elsa Raddony, Dean Clark, Brendan Weaver, Michelle Parfitt, Peter Clegg, Shelley Polaine, Luke Lundin and Ryan Frost

2013 Funky Llama Driving Force (steering group)

Josh Bentley, Christopher Burns, Mike Canning, Gary Eastle, Alison Granville, Sarah Lambert, Luke Lundin, Scott Veale, Shannon Willis and Nicola Winton


To find out more information about Funky Llama Crew, you can email Sara or ring 01752 230378.