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You Stupid Darkness! | Blog #4

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The You Stupid Darkness! team are heading down from Paines Plough to Theatre Royal Plymouth after two weeks in London. We’re all looking forward to moving into TR2, to being back in the theatre and by the sea.


This week we’ve been running and rerunning the play, piece by piece. Gradually uncovering more and more with each iteration. Moment by moment delving deeper and deeper into the world of our play and gradually building more and more complex understandings of each of its characters.

Sam Steiner, the writer, integral to the rehearsal process, watches and works with us and as he does so, his alterations reflect the incredible hard work of our cast: Becci, Lydia, David and Andrew, and of the discoveries they make with James, our director –carefully honing the detail of the play, constantly shaping and sculpting the script as we work.

This week, in addition, we recorded a trailer in a disused office block in central London. Bleak and lightless, we began to feel our way into the reality and detail of the all-night call-centre and the hilarity we might find there. I also found myself on the new You Stupid Podcast this week in which I attempted to describe what I’ve been up to, including my detective work on the script, trombone lessons and rewriting the words to La Vie en Rose phonetically…so keep your ears open for those, they’ll be with you soon. In the meantime, stay safe.


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