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You Stupid Darkness! | Blog #2

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It’s week 2 of You Stupid Darkness! rehearsals and we’ve all been laughing most of the time. (Not to say that this isn’t hard work.) Inside the rehearsal room at Paines Plough’s offices, the noise, traffic and sirens of central London draw us into the soundscape of Sam Steiner’s apocalyptic world.

Rehearsal photos for You Stupid Darkness!

On Monday last week Paines Plough reached a record number of people attending the first day of rehearsals. All involved from Paines Plough and Theatre Royal Plymouth crammed into the room to hear the cast’s first reading of Sam’s play and left it buzzing with excitement.

Just a few days later we are deep into the technicalities of the script. Set in a call centre, conveying the necessary level of detail reliably and consistently, despite overlapping dialogue, requires precision and careful timing. With intense concentration, James Grieve, our Director, and the company begin to delineate complex patterns of speech and movement, gradually mapping each of the character’s paths of speech, dialogue and rhythm.

Rehearsal photos for You Stupid Darkness!

Now, in our last week before moving to Plymouth as we walk through, section by section, is the time to interrogate the script, to find our way under its skin; to unpack and revel in the richness and comedy of our play.

Rehearsal photos for You Stupid Darkness!

Tickets are available for You Stupid Darkness! here.

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