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The Kneebone Cadillac | Blog #4

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We’re back in Plymouth at last and racing through our final week of rehearsals before we move into the Drum. In there the floorcloth is down and (literally) tons of scrap is coming through the door to be rigged up, set into place, pedal-to-metal to create the Kneebone home.

In here, just down the road at TR2, a calm and quiet descends. The flicking of pages; the mumble of headphones; a whisper of lines under breath. We’re about to do our first run, the first time our work will (or won’t) fit together. Andy Purves, our lighting designer, is here, so is the writer, Carl Grose. Lucy Hirst, staff director at TRP, has come to watch, and Louise Schumann, our producer, is on her way for a very first taste of Kneebone fire.

Kneebone Cadillac

We are on a threshold between the steady and intensive blocking and polishing of the last few weeks, scene-by-scene, detail-by-detail, and the technical rehearsals. We have all the components, now to fit them together; to see the piece as a whole and to immerse ourselves in the chaos of the raceway world.

Former race champion Phylis Vanloo’s words echo in our ears: “beware The Boneshaker, you might not come out as pretty as I did…”

The Kneebone Cadillac opens at Theatre Royal Plymouth from Thursday 15th November – Saturday 1st December. More information and tickets can be found here.

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