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Blogging with THEY | Taylor

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In our second Blogging with THEY post we caught up with cast member Taylor who shared

Why did you get involved with the Young Company?
I really enjoy acting and it is something I am passionate about, so I wanted to start doing it outside of school. Acting in school is great – but not everyone in the class is interested or wants to participate so I wanted somewhere where everyone wanted to perform. I went to the taster sessions and enjoyed the acting one so I signed up and have been doing the 15-18 acting group for a year now. I’ve also been able to audition and work on shows, which has been so much fun.

How have you found the rehearsal process, have there been any surprises or unexpected challenges?
The rehearsal process has been really interesting! Because the cast have had a part in writing the script, it has been more hands-on and it has been cool to see the stuff you have written feature in the script.The days have been super busy but I’ve enjoyed that, and I have liked making new friends/working with new people. The cast were surprised when we realised the staging and some of the things featured in the show so we are super excited to see how it will look when we get into The Drum; and we hope to surprise the audience too.

THEY - behind-the-scenes rehearsals

Who should come and see the show?
I think this show is really diverse and people of all ages will like it. There is content throughout our show that will be relevant and relatable to anyone of any age, as group dynamics affect everyone. There is a focus on teenagers as a group because that is the age range of our cast, but all of us have such different stories and experiences. We also explore how the majority are grouped so it is a fitting show for everyone. Having a large age range for an audience will be useful as we need the audiences input, and older people than us will have different opinions!

What are you most looking forward to during production week?
Being able to show everyone what we have made! I love the feeling of performing live onstage and this show is different to anything I have done before which excites me. Production week is always busy, but that is what it would be like if I go into acting professionally, and I also get to spend time with the cast which I have become good friends with (which makes it even more fun).

Favourite film? Favourite music? Favourite word?
I can’t think of a favourite film, but my favourite TV show is probably Black Mirror because I like how creative and weird it is!
My music taste is really varied but like artists like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Khalid, Declan McKenna, Twenty One Pilots and the Neighbourhood.

THEY - behind-the-scenes rehearsals

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