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Blogging with THEY | Lydia

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Meet a Young Company member in our latest blog post as the group continue to rehearse and piece together their new show THEY which opens in The Drum on Wed 22 – Sat 25 Aug. Read the below post from YC member Lydia and book your tickets here.

Why did u get involved with the Young Company?
I felt like it gave me the opportunity to be in diverse shows that you don’t really see anywhere else, in a professional theatre setting.

How have you found the rehearsal process? Any surprises or unexpected challenges?
The rehearsal process has been very interesting so far, especially as I’ve never been in a performance like this before, where you don’t play a clear character in a set storyline. Therefore its been interesting in the rehearsal process to have to give more detail about yourself than you’d usually have to. At times it’s been a challenge to really think about things I put to the back of my mind. Even little things the directors ask like, ‘what makes you happiest?’.

THEY - behind-the-scenes rehearsals

Who should come see the show?
The show is quite unconventional in comparison to most modern small time plays, as the audience is very involved with the show. For example there’s no seating and the audience gets moved around at points. It’s really meant for everyone, but I’d say those who feel stereotyped or judged in society might enjoy it especially, to see their not alone. Its also good for young people to see for this reason, and for adults to better understand how young people feel.

What are you most looking forward to in the production?
Performing. After all the somewhat weird and intricate scenes, it’ll be appealing to see how it all comes together on stage.

Fave film. Fave music. Fave word.
Singin’ in the rain. It’s classic and jazzy.
Either musical theatre, as I just think there’s so much variety so you can literally find anything to suit your mood or express how you’re feeling. Either that or 80s music, as it’s all so upbeat and easy to dance to.
Pseudonym. I like how it spells, it’s not how you’d expect to say it.

THEY - behind-the-scenes rehearsals

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