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TRP Critics: Women Like You

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What makes one woman ‘better’ than another? Is it something to do with looks, personality, number of friends, lifestyle? Or is it someone else’s insecurities speaking? Their ingrained judgements, assumptions and prejudices? At the end of the day, is it a senseless competition because is there even such a thing as ‘better’? Women Like You asks all the questions and leads the audience down the road of finding their own answers.

In a seemingly normal, turned eventful evening, two strangers confront what it means to be a 21st century woman from very different perspectives. It isn’t the start of a beautiful friendship. Far from it – Bridget and Charlie can’t stand each other for the majority of the play. They physically throw words, names and insults at each other that hit with the power of punches. Both have their own distinct background and personality which conflict more than they compliment. Judgements and misjudgements were made early on, with the show tackling head on how women see each other as well as themselves.

Just like the show’s description says, Women Like You isn’t a story of sisterhood, girl power or solidarity. And yet it is as well. Because there are moments that demonstrate how taking the time to understand one another, with an open mind, can lead to these things – even fleetingly.
I am sure that everyone in the audience could find something to relate to in the women and their stories, even if that was simply remembering their last night out and how much they needed a bathroom after (a rather nonsensical start to an otherwise down to earth show. I can’t say that I’ve ever broken into someone’s flat to use their toilet, but perhaps I’ve simply never been that drunk!)

It was ultimately passionate, powerful and poignant. Not to mention hilarious. Two contrasting personalities thrown together resulted in a lot of very quick humour that had the audience laughing on numerous occasions. This was furthered by incredibly animated acting. I can’t go without applauding both women on their amazing performances.

The complexity of their characters was effectively illustrated by well written dialogue. Blink and you miss something. I’m sure that if you watched it several times you’d pick up, and remember, something new. For this reason, I’d love to see it again and I look forward to new productions from this up and coming company. If you get the chance, Women Like You is a must see.

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