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GIRL(ING): Rehearsal blog #2

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Tomorrow, the curtain goes up! The stags have had a week’s intensive rehearsal, GIRL (ING) IS ON.

It’s been a full on few weeks for us down in The Lab. The sweat has been dripping, the music has been loud and the air-con has most certainly been on. We’ve had the past few weeks to really get to grips with what we are making, getting everything up on its feet, out in the open, discussing what worked and what didn’t. Either way, a punky Victorian semi-musical play was being made in some form or another.

Monday morning of the intensive came and it was time for a run through with the watchful eyes of Nik Partridge (Staff Director) and Lucy Coren (Young People’s Producer) in the room to gives us a few tips and tricks. Everything seemed to go mostly smoothly, no one fell over, lines were remembered and we managed to get through it. Admittedly there were a few moments that needed to be ironed out which I think is to be expected at this stage. A quick note session with Nik followed, giving us some pointers in where we can improve and punk it up more.

Run Like Stags

By the afternoon, we had a re-group and made some tough decisions on what was going to be cut and what was staying. Regrettably, some songs were cut (but fear not, they are now being used expertly in warm ups) and some lines were trimmed just to streamline Mary’s story and push her emotional journey more.

The rest of the intensive rehearsal week was as the name suggests, intense. Truly a case of blood, sweat and laughter. It was a week in which we all came together and put our all into creating the most exciting show we can. By Friday morning we had tightened up all the hinges and given GIRL (ING) a new lick of paint and added some new, much louder transitions to have a play with. It had come on leaps and bounds, it was now very very real and very very exciting. So exciting in fact that by Friday afternoon we even made it on to the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Instagram story, living the dream!

Run Like Stags

GIRL (ING) by Run Like Stags, opens this Tuesday 17th till Saturday 21st in The Lab. It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be crazy, but how else will you kill time next week now the World Cup is over?

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Run Like Stags
Run like what?
Like stags.

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