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Meet the cast of All Your Gold

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Our brand new People’s Company production, All Your Gold opens on Friday night. Over the weekend we are speaking to members of the cast about the production and getting some exciting behind-the-scenes insight into creating a new production.

With just an hour to go until the final performance, we close our blog series with the lady of the living wake herself, Ros – played by Margaret Grimoldby.

Hi Margaret. What is your role in the show?
Hi, I’m Margaret Grimoldby and I play Ros in the play. She has reached a crisis point in her life and is questioning her value, to herself and in the eyes of other people closest to her. She is struggling financially, divorced and only too aware that she is part of the sandwich generation.

Why did you get involved with this People’s Company production?
Every new production with The People’s Company brings new challenges and skills to be learnt as a performer. Working with a professional team is a real privilege and always feels slightly surreal. You get to meet so many fantastic people and real friendships are made. How lucky are we to perform in The Drum!

The central themes of this play really resonated with me and my life as a whole. I sometimes wonder if I’m actually acting! It is a real leap into the unknown working with a new piece of drama and Miriam (the writer, Miriam Battye) has produced an astonishingly insightful and joyous comedy.

How have you found the rehearsal process? Have there been any surprises or unexpected challenges?
The rehearsal process has been quite intense, not least because our characters are based on ourselves, observed from workshop improvisations and our letter of application. Miriam has captured our phrases and figures of speech with startling accuracy!

I was initially quite daunted by the prospect of working with such a large cast, but we have come together and learnt so much from each other over the weeks under Nikolas Partridge’s kind, generous and brilliant direction. His passion, energy and affection for the play are infectious. If you’re feeling stressed on arrival, a few silly games and rhymes will soon banish the blues and any anxiety.

What are your hopes for production week?
A great run, full houses and doing justice to this amazing show. Building on the weeks of hard work and all the bonds of friendship.

What do you hope to come away from the process having gained? What’s next for you?
Renewed confidence to try out new plays, building on new skills learnt from working with such a diverse group of performers. New projects, hopefully Honour, directed by Amy Shaw; a lovely and very talented member of the People’s Company.

Who should come and see the show?
Everyone over the age of 12.

All Your Gold is running until tonight, Saturday 30th June, at 7.45pm. Limited tickets available so don’t miss your chance to see the show.

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