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Meet the cast of All Your Gold

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Our brand new People’s Company production, All Your Gold opened on Friday night. Over the weekend we are speaking to members of the cast about the production and getting some exciting behind-the-scenes insight into creating a new production.

As we roll on to the final performance, here is our meeting with Jackie Knox – a new member of the People’s Company.

Hi Jackie. What is your role in the show?
My name is Jackie and this is my first venture into amateur dramatics since school, which was some time ago, and I’m loving it! I play Ros and Roland’s Mum, deceased – so an interesting start.

Why did you get involved with this People’s Company production?
I had just graduated in English Literature with the Open University and wanted a new challenge when a friend mentioned People’s Company to me. It seemed like the perfect chance to explore dramatic work further whilst making new friends and revisiting my early love of acting.

This production has been perfect – the chance to be involved in the creative process from script and character development right through to staging. Even having scenes I was in cut revealed how a play translates form page to stage. I’ve been a working Mum, in financial services and the play’s exploration of how we value each other was really thought provoking for me too.

What is All Your Gold about?
The play sets up numerous contrasting values, creativity, pragmatism and caring, financial and emotional, friends and family, mother’s and sons/dad’s and daughters to name but a few and leaves us to reflect on them. However, all this is wrapped up in a party – so it’s fun too.

How have you found the rehearsal process? Have there been any surprises or unexpected challenges?
As a “newby” I found the rehearsal process unlike anything I could have imagined. It has been welcoming and inclusive, which I might have hoped for, but also challenged me to let go of inhibitions with lots of games and singing to warm up. Most of all its been fascinating and fun.

What are your hopes for production week?
I’m expecting production week to be hard work but what I really can’t wait for is to see what the audience reaction will be.

What do you hope to come away from the process having gained? What’s next for you?
I hope I have a much fuller understanding of the whole process of creating and performance. I will be looking forward to the next Peoples Company workshops in the autumn to continue developing my own performance skills and meeting friends again. I’ll certainly audition for any future productions I can.

Who should come and see the show?
Anyone who comes to the show will have a good time – it’s both funny and thought provoking. The dialogue is exceptionally realistic (including the vernacular), and I think Plymouth people will recognise, perhaps even identify with, some of the characters. I’m hoping they feel they’ve come to Ros’ party.

All Your Gold is running until tonight, Saturday 30th June, at 7.45pm. Limited tickets available so don’t miss your chance to see the show.

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