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Meet the cast of All Your Gold

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Our brand new People’s Company production, All Your Gold opened last night. Over the weekend we will be speaking to members of the cast about the production and getting some exciting behind the scenes insight into creating a new production.

Our second blog in this series is with Peter Griffiths, who plays Anton – the irritable young brother who has certain irritable issues…

Hi Peter. So tell us, why did you get involved with this People’s Company production?
I’ve been in a couple of People’s Company productions now and although we are all amateurs, the director and the production crew all treat the process professionally. I was really excited by this one as I love big ensemble productions.

What is All Your Gold about?
Personally, I think it’s about love in all its complex, many faceted forms, and the imprint we leave on the world around us. I like that the play explores the idea that sometimes it’s the people we least expect who are most affected by our actions.

How have you found the rehearsal process? Have there been any surprises or unexpected challenges?
Tough, but in the best possible way. You are constantly challenged and pushed to be better; sometimes it’s a bit bruising and your ego takes a bit of a kicking, but that’s great! It means you’re learning and growing.

What are your hopes for production week?
To remember my lines, and to do justice to this wonderful play that was written for us. That feels like a real privilege, although Mim (the writer, Miriam Battye) did say she wrote the characters based on our personalities at the audition and Anton is a massive tool, so I should probably be offended.

What do you hope to come away from the process having gained? What’s next for you?
I know I’m a better actor for having worked on these shows and as a performing arts teacher this process is the best CPD i could ask for. I’ve nicked so many ideas and warm up games.

Who should come and see the show?
I think the play covers all ages and experiences – all the bits of life really.

All Your Gold is running until Saturday 30th June. Limited tickets available so don’t miss your chance to see the show.

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