THE JUNGLE BOOK. The Company. Photo Manuel Harlan

THE JUNGLE BOOK. The Company. Photo Manuel Harlan

TRP Critic Review: The Jungle Book

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Well, one thing sure is for certain… you’re never too old for a good jungle tale, and the Jungle Book really was just that. It didn’t fail to lift my spirits on a rainy Tuesday in the gloomy destination that is Plymouth, that’s for sure!

I’m about to get all theatre-nerd on you guys so bare with me! Honestly, they took into account so many elements of theatre and cleverly executed each one charmingly. The stage, for one, was bril-liantly used in terms of usefully harnessing their resources. It was creative and innovative, modernis-ing this classic story into the now-generation. The revolving stage made a perfect moving ground for a change of location or even a fast-paced get-away. Ladders became jungle vines, a simple bamboo structure was suddenly the depths of the jungle. Costumes were equally as contemporary, with mon-keys fluent in hiphop gibberish lingo and crutches suddenly morphing into the strong front legs of the wolves. It was genius and obviously hilarious; even the tigers dodgy sequin-stripped suit was laugha-bly questionable, but in a loving, light-hearted way that inventively grabbed both children and adults alike.

The story could also be thanked for involving such a wide audience, as it followed closely with the book (a well-known classic to all parents), but encompassed features of the animated Disney motion picture and, dare I mention, the latest live-action film. What this theatre production did however was add it’s own flavour and finish, including original songs and live music that intertwined the story-telling playfully. And so, into the second half: we see the same level of effective drama as Shere Khan and Akela meet tragic and bitter ends. It’s great to see that the emotions of the narrative are not second to, or overshadowed, by the comedy.

The physical aspect of this production was astounding.

I feel like that needed a one-sentence paragraph because: SERIOUSLY WOW! As an actor myself (and I’m sure any audience member would agree), I can whole-heartedly assure you… those people can MOVE. Not only were their animal characteristics superbly maintained throughout, but they scaled that climbing-frame stage like it was nothing. Moreover, they still managed to belt out a tune to a great standard! I get tired from walking up the stairs in the morning. Honesty, the cast deserve much credit for not only reviving my not so long ago childhood, but being fitter and much better singers than I shall ever be.

Anyone out there who needs some light relief in there life right now, I’d recommend watching this. No children required. Of course if you do have them I’d drag them along because this is at the heart of an awesome imagination.

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