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A small company with big intentions. ThisEgg Theatre Company will be with us this half-term with their new show ME & MY BEE, a show which is for adults and children alike, blending storytelling, clowning, original live music, movement, and a hint of audience participation, into a 60-minute playful and thought-provoking show. Extra appeal if you’re interested in environmental conservation, gardening, and bees (of course). ThisEgg founder, Josie sheds some light on what to expect from the show, have a read below:

Can you summarise what the show’s about and how it came to be?

Recent media attention given to the plight of bees sparked conversations about how we can make a show to do more to help.

Apparently, Albert Einstein said that without the bees, humans have 4 years left to live. We rely on bees to pollinate one third of the crops we use as food.

Me & My Bee is a political party, disguised as a party party, disguised as a show. A family show, which, to us, actually just means that it for children AND adults. But, if we can get the next generation active now, the future starts to look better. At the end of the show we give the audience seeds, so they can go out there help save themselves by saving the bees. This show is just as much about humans as it is about bees, but bees are a good start.

What do you hope that the audience (children and adults alike!) will learn from the show?

We hope the show raises awareness not only about bees, but about their effect on our own ecosystem. We hope the show makes audiences think about how to take care the smaller things, cause and effect, and how to respect the planet we live on, before it’s too late.

Most of all we hope it empowers our audience – we want them to leave feeling like they can make a difference, whilst having a good time!

Me & My Bee

What are the highlights and challenges of creating and performing this show?

We had a lot of fun making the show. We chose what went in it which means we get to perform in a style we really enjoy (and hope the audience does too!).

There were challenges too, of course. I think the main one was knowing that there would be children in the audience. Children will tell you, and everyone else there, what they think. They won’t pretend they are not bored. They are our biggest critics.

One of the challenges was making an educative show which engages and entertains children and adults – the show is full of comedy and constantly surprising.

What one thing can people start doing to help the bees?

There are so many things NOT helping the bees it all gets a bit much. Climate change is massive, urbanisation is growing at an alarming rate and we aren’t going to pretend we can take on a huge pesticide company with a load of scientific proof we don’t personally have, but, there ARE things we can do. One seed at a time… Plant wildflowers. Flowers are essentially bee food. Everyone needs food fuel.

One of the other things you can do, is make a bee hotel. Solitary bees don’t live in hives, but they do need somewhere to rest up and all you really need is some string and bamboo, so what are you waiting for?!

Join us this half-term and help us plant the seed for change in ME & MY BEE running from Tue 13 > Sat 17 Feb. Performances at 11am & 3pm. You can book tickets here!

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