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That was entirely different to what I initially expected. I am shocked… speechless almost. As a young girl myself, this play really gripped me emotionally. I sit here now, almost stumped at what to write; not because Girls has nothing to say, but because it has left ME with nothing to say. It left me only with overwhelming emotions, ranging from anger and exhilaration… to sadness.

As I initially bustled into the theatre along with what felt like hundreds of young girls, around my age or younger, I sat down in my seat and seemed to unintentionally build some sort of preconceived view of what this show would be; a reflection of it’s audience. Young, noisy, dominated by social media and, dare I say, “dramatic”. And then it began, intensifying music transporting- no, it was more like throwing me into these three young girl’s lives. Three, bubbly, funny and fiery characters nothing short of charismatic. A strong bond. Normal. I could relate entirely to the witty banter thrown back and forth, the occasional sarcastic comment and the oh so topical talk of sex. (Yes, I would say this is an incredibly important topic). So quickly did this normal situation shift into the dark and terrifying reality surrounding them.

I felt like I was with them, experiencing everything as they did, feeling the same fear as they did. I don’t know if that’s because, being the age that I am, I connected more with their way of thinking or more with how they saw the events unfold, but I’m certain of the paranoia I experienced throughout.

I too, felt like a prisoner. Trapped.

But don’t get me wrong. This wasn’t some sob story, full of despair and a lack of hope. ‘A perfect example of human resilience’, is how I would best describe it. A perfect example of how, even in our darkest moments, we can find joy within one another’s company, we can find comfort in the things that we have, and that we can find hope in the future laid out in front of us. It was without question, a show of survival. Granted, survival is no easy road, and you are sure to encounter horrors beyond the imagination. And surely, doubt will set in eventually and try to convince you of the easier path: giving up. However, these “normal” girls are constantly fighting for their lives.

These girls are worth watching.

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