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Hear from Little Soldier about Derailed coming to The Drum 12 > 16 Sep! Get your tickets here.

Tell us a bit about your show?

It’s a blow-out gig-theatre leaving party. As two Spanish performers in a post-Brexit Britain we feel our future in this country is uncertain, so we’re looking back at what difference, if any, we’ve made while we’ve been in the UK. This is our first autobiographical piece exploring activism, clicktivism and getting angry. We will drink, eat, dance, laugh and cry together .

We are joined by musician Thomas Abela and clown Dan Lees with a very special cameo and a live call abroad.

Derailed speaks to right now; the moment we are all in; it is part of a conversation and a national mood but in the form of a party.

It is anarchic, joyous and it has its awkward moments too. In a world where so much “discussion” takes place in private (which is to say online) then performance is one of the most important places. Plus, performance allows a discussion to be silly and serious at the same time, which is important. And performance allows a discussion to be accompanied by loud music. Again, this is important.

This is not a conventional show, it’s very wild but still very meticulously written. Because it is so current we have to keep up to date with the news, which means re-writing material nearly every week… We are throwing a leaving party and the audience are invited to it. And what best way to celebrate than having gazpacho, live rock music, dancing, an unlikely Theresa May, pig costumes, the Dalai Lama and maybe even cava?

Who would you recommend comes to see your show?

Who doesn’t like a party?

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