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Behind-the-Scenes from an Execution | Cast Member Nala

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After a wonderous opening night, the People’s Company are buzzing with excitement to perform Scenes from an Execution again tonight and tomorrow! In our last “behind-the-scenes” blog post, cast member Nala, explains what it’s like being part of the People’s Company and why you should come along to support them!

Why did you get involved with this PC production?
Being part of Scenes from an Execution has been an important personal journey for me. I went to the development workshop for this People’s Company production and just fell in love with the text and scope of Howard Barker’s play. I was so excited the People’s Company were producing it and at first I just wanted to go the audition for the experience, but then I realised how much I wanted to be part of the production process. I was so glad to be cast, and from the outset it has felt like an incredibly authentic experience – one that any professional jobbing actor would be used to!

How have you found the rehearsal process, have there been any surprises or unexpected challenges?
Rehearsals in themselves have been a learning curve and an eye opener for me. Some of the cast knew what to expect, but for others – myself included – it was all new. As a director, Nik has pushed us but has always been supportive and approachable. I think he has got what he needs from us by encouragement.

What are your hopes for production week?
My hope for production week is that we have a lot of fun! It’s an intense time so you need to counteract that with lots of laughs and keep the energy and positivity up.

What do you hope to come away from the process having gained? What’s next for you?
I’ve gained so much confidence and knowledge in such a short space of time and now the process has been demystified for me I hope to get involved with more productions. I’d like to see how far I could take this! What really stands out is the camaraderie and the fun. You’re taking a disparate group of people and asking them to work together in ways you don’t experience in day to day life. It’s a unique bonding and development opportunity and I’d recommend it to anyone. I feel proud to have been a part of this and alongside such lovely and talented people.

Who should come and see the show?
Everyone should come and see the show, but particularly people who would not normally go to see a play by Howard Barker. I think it will surprise them with its accessibility, its humour and open their eyes to a wider theatre experience

Scenes from an Execution runs in The Drum next week, from Thursday 29th June to Saturday 1st July, with tickets from just £5. Book yours here today for a performance you will never forget!
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