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Running in The Drum currently we have Eat the Poor, a new show by Jonny & The Baptists. A riotously funny epic about friendship, inequality and betrayal from the multi-award-nominated musical comedians. The comedy duo share their thoughts on how the piece came to life.

For us, each show tends to come out of whatever we’re talking at the time. Eat the Poor began in 2016, against a background of news about inequality, food banks, and homelessness and benefit cuts. We wanted to know more, to think about how the country had got here and what we could do about it. We also knew it had to be funny – but you figure you’ll find the comedy along the way.

The breakthrough came during a week-long residency at The Bike Shed Theatre. By then we’d already travelled the country visiting homeless charities, councillors, academies, and even the Ludlow Conservative Society (That doesn’t come up much – there really isn’t anything interesting to say about them – but, you know, balance). We had a lot of material, but no idea how to start the show.

Eat the Poor

A year on, the show’s had a brilliant reception and we’re touring the UK for three months in spring 2017. In the meantime, we’ve a few rewrites to do. We like to keep things up to date and that’s especially tricky at the moment. (If you’ve also tried writing a topical comedy show in the last twelve months, you’ll know the year has taken away as much as it’s given)

The worst thing about preparing to our Eat the Poor is that, sadly, the subject matter is just as relevant as it was over a year ago.

Running until Sat 06 May, you can book tickets here

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