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1927 | GOLEM

In Lyn Gardner’s (The Guardian) own words: “Few companies have the all-round panache of 1927, which has always had a distinctive aesthetic. First seen at the Young Vic in 2014, Golem is an exquisitely pitched fable about our over-reliance on machines. Influenced by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and Monty Python, it has its own sly, unsettling wit mixed in with live performance, animation and music.” This week, we welcome the internationally acclaimed 1927 company to The Drum to start off their UK and International tour of Golem . We managed to get a few words from the producer of 1927 Jo Crowley to explain a bit about the show:

Golem, a 1927 co-production with Salzburg Festival, Théâtre de la Ville Paris & Young Vic had its world premiere at the Salzburg Festival in August 2014 and UK premiere at the Young Vic in December 2014, for which it won a 2015 Critics Circle Award and a Knight of Illumination Award. In 2015 and 2016 Golem toured to Taiwan, France, Russia, China, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Italy and the USA alongside UK seasons in Manchester and Brighton and a self produced season at the Trafalgar Studios London, marking 1927’s West End debut.

Drawing on ancient Jewish folklore of the Golem – the story of a man who fashions a creature out of clay to work for him – as a starting point, 1927’s Golem is not a re-telling or adaptation of the Golem myth but rather an original story, exploring man and his machines.

Located in a futuristic and yet throw back, familiar world, where technology and the market economy have evolved to transcend the boundaries of human control, Golem has become a must have, indispensible ingredient for a better life. But its very existence, threatens the prospect of those who created it.

Like a giant graphic novel burst into life, 1927 invites audiences to take a step through the looking glass into a dark and fantastical tale of an extraordinary ordinary man. Blending 1927’s synthesis of hand made animation, claymation, live music and performance Golem is a dystopian fable for the 21st century, which cleverly and satirically explores one of the great questions of the modern world – who or what is in control of our technologies?

The show generates an incredible atmosphere – the audience will get lost in the rich, bizarre, funny, world conjured through the animation, storytelling, stylised performances, live music and percussion accompaniment and song. This is a very slick and stylish show; unique and not easily comparable to any other stage show. It is like a wonderful graphic novel has been brought to life on stage.

Golem opens on Wednesday 10 and plays just four shows until Saturday 13 May in The Drum. Book your tickets here and experience this multimedia extravaganza live on stage!

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