Sammy and the Snow Leopard

Sammy and the Snow Leopard

Sammy and the Snow Leopard | Travelling Light

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The second part of our Easter Holiday shows kicks off this week with Travelling Light bringing their animal adventure Sammy and the Snow Leopard to The Drum. Here is writer and performer Brad McCormick telling us a little bit about the show in this week’s blog:

The idea for Sammy and the Snow Leopard came to me literally as I was watching an advertisement for the ‘Adopt a Snow Leopard’ charity programme. And after the initial thought of ‘wouldn’t it be funny if….’ I realised that there could be a show in it.

Sammy and the Snow Leopard

Two years ago I completed an initial tour of the show to schools and venues around the south-west and really learned a lot about what audiences enjoyed and what they were curious about. And when we returned to look at the script when preparing for this next tour, some more ideas came up around how the story could be clearer and more fun for the audience. The new version of the show isn’t radically different from the one before but thanks to help from the team at Travelling Light it feels much stronger and is exploring some really interesting ideas around the environment and our relationship to animals.

I’m excited to play these characters again, to learn the new version of the show and to take it to brand new audiences in the south-west and all over the UK.

Sammy and the Snow Leopard is a high-energy show involving stuffed animals, evil neighbours, school projects and limes that will enchant everyone over 5, and runs from Tue 11 > Sat 15 Apr.

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