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Merry Christmas one and all! It’s that wonderful time of year again, when the children are off school and need entertaining EVERY DAY! And I’m sure it’s not just my children whose expectations are particularly high at this time of year.

Lucky for us, we were given the opportunity (courtesy of TRP Blogger’s scheme) to see the show currently on at The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth. I brought along my middle child, Zara, who’s four. The latest work by Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Co is an innovative take on the classic tale ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. Using a range of puppets and some simple items of furniture, the company creates an enchanting story in a city inhabited by a multitude of loveable and hilarious characters. One of the central themes to the show is the wardrobe that turns into a palace, back to a wardrobe, then a palace again…..Zara really loved this in particular.

There are only two performers who action the puppets, and become two of the central characters, but they pull it off brilliantly using their clowning and aerial skills to fantastic effect. They’ve got the humour just right too, which meant everyone in the audience -regardless of age – got a good laugh.

I’d say this show is a good shout if you’re feeling a little saturated with the Christmas spirit as there was no mention of Christmas or anything remotely festive at all! However, the hot chocolate in the café@TRP, surrounded by beautiful Christmas trees was a nice way to squeeze in a bit of festive cheer!

After the show, we were lucky enough to be invited back to meet the performers and even got to have a close up look at some of the puppets. Zara was really excited about it and after a bit of a Q and A with the actors, Zara was allowed to try out her favourite puppet! Lucky Zara. I was on high alert the whole time; can you imagine if she broke one of those puppets???? They’re pretty important to the show and take ages to make by a specialist maker. Not easily replaceable.

This lovely, funny, family show is on at The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth until the 14th January and I highly recommend.

Rather than waffle on about the impressively decorated yet simple set, the amazing range of voices and characters or the brilliant way they engage the audience, I’ll let Zara take it from here with her top 5 favourite things about the show and her visit to the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

Zara’s top 5 best bits (unedited):

#1 – Peter! (The Puppet)

#2 – The Emperor’s beautiful horse (also a puppet)

#3 – Holding the beautiful horse puppet

#4 – ‘talking’ the mummy puppet (I can see a theme developing…)

#5 – The ‘Magic’ Wardrobe

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