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In My Dreams I Dream I'm Dreaming

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Following the success of the previous Project X show Eulogy, which was performed in Hamoaze House, and prior to that War Torn in The Lab we are now going to be able to see a Project X piece performed in The Drum at the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

For months Project X have been living and working in the dream world of TR2 and The Lab, quite literally as our next show is about dreams, reality and the borderline between the two.

Being composed of such a wide range of members we began our Research and Development process by spending time discussing our dreams. Some were aspirational, some recurring nightmares, and some were hallucinations resulting from substance misuse. This gave us a starting point to step into these weird and wonderful worlds and once up on our feet we began exploring many things from emotional relationships to the practicality of humanity.

Making a piece of Project X theatre is similar to looking at a series of pictures through a strong lens which is drastically out of focus to start with. Our Director Lee Hart equates to the photographer who tries to focus the lens and so brings the details of a picture to clarity from a blurry haze. We start with numerous pictures or scenes, some of which will be abandoned along the road to developing the show. Some will need fine tuning to bring them into focus and some will need to be revised.

For this particular show, the finalising of the plot has been an exciting, somewhat confusing and interesting process. Whilst working in the world of dreams versus reality not all is as it seems, in one moment we can be a prison guard, and the next moment a priest. This has been a challenge for every company member, old and new.

In My Dreams I Dream I’m Dreaming follows the lives of three different characters, their relationships with others and the challenges they face. The show explores the nature of dreaming and questions how our reality and fantasies are not always easy to differentiate.

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