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Boots At The Door – What it’s about and why you need to see it!

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We are now into production week for our Armed Forces Project, Boots at the Door, and on behalf of the company I can tell you we are all extremely excited!

Only 8 months ago a group of strangers met at TR2 to start a process, which at the time none of us really knew anything about! All we knew is that we had to produce a play which explored the military community and try to provide a deeper insight into the military way of life. We could never of imagined what the outcome would be, and I don’t think any of us could have foreseen how much of each individuals heart, soul and experiences have been placed at the forefront of the production. This means that Boots at the Door is probably one of the most authentic shows you will see for a long time on the Lyric stage, and if you haven’t already got enough of a reason to get your ticket, let me fill you in some more…

Opening on Thursday evening Boots at the Door is a production that asks the question what does it mean to be part of the military community? And how can our service personnel and veterans find their way home from the front line both physically and mentally?

Exploring the ancient story of Odysseus, a group of characters are all brought together because of their common ground – their military experiences. The production splinters off in all directions as we get to follow carefully behind each character and are able to witness what their lives are like behind the closed doors of their home, out on the front line and through the flaky internet connections that keep the relationships in the play going strong despite the distance!

Each characters story is real, truthful and contains a journey entirely of its own, really exploring the whole breadth of personal stories and issues that have been discovered throughout the process.

Our characters rise in the face of adversity (mostly through a good bit of military banter!), and they overcome struggles in their sight, but the lasting messages of Boots at the Door are positive ones. Love, strength, and the courage to stand and fight for what you want and believe in.
Littered with twists and turns throughout I can assure you that Boots at the Door will make you laugh, cry and sit up and listen. It will even take you to a dodgy nightclub in the middle of town and buy you a terminator!

This is a massive production not only for the military community but for Plymouth as a city. It’s a brave thing to do, bare your soul on stage like our actors are going to this week, but they’re doing it because they want their stories and their voices to be heard! Lend your ears and you will experience the military community like never before! Eight months ago all these guys came together as part of a community, they will be finishing this project as a professional company of actors, theatre-makers, stage management and technicians with an absolutely outstanding piece of Theatre to show for it.

Go and get yourself a ticket!

“Quick! There’s no time! No moment! GO!”

Boots at the Door will be performed in The Lyric from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th December 2015. You can book your tickets online or by calling our Box Office on 01752 267222.

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