Eulogy - Final Rehearsals

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On Tuesday afternoon we had a session in the Lab and our director, Lee was back from his trip to Edinburgh. We started with a bit of a warm up exercise as we usually do at Project X, getting us ready physically as well as focussing our minds for a couple of hours of creative work.

We began by recapping the scenes we had been working on in Lee’s absence to bring him up to speed, followed by an exercise looking at the list of scenes we plan to use as the basic structure of the piece, working through it without stopping to allow Lee and Alex to look at what we have so far. It also gave them and us a chance to think about how it all fits together and how we are going to move from one scene to another.

On Thursday we had a full day session from 10am-4pm, which alongside rehearsing included a mini photoshoot for press and a visit from the theatre’s PR department.

The room was blacked out, audience chairs in place as we focussed on a scene with Maggie and a doctor. This scene has been scripted by a member of the company and we all worked together to fine-tune this. We are also using pre-recorded sound as part of this scene which another member of the group, John will be editing. Project X has a variety of talent which we always look to utilise when working towards a show.

Next week our intense rehearsal period begins – this is when we will bring together everything we have been working on along with the costume, props, lighting and sound, putting the finishing touches to the play before the technical get-in begins at Hamoaze House at the weekend.

Eulogy will be performed at 2pm & 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th September at Hamoaze House in Stonehouse. Please contact the Box Office on 01752 267222.

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