Eulogy - Post-Performance

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On Tuesday we did a tech run through, a dress rehearsal and two performances of Eulogy. It was one of the hardest days Project X has ever done. We worked so hard in the lead up to the first show at 2 o’clock.

Certainly there seems to be a big difference between working in our own clothes and doing a dress rehearsal where everyone is clearly in their roles which is emphasised by their costumes. In the dress rehearsal we try and run the show from beginning to end without stopping, whereas in the tech rehearsal we are frequently stopping, starting and rewinding to ensure all the sound and lighting cues are exactly right.

We got through the matinee performance with no hiccups which was a great relief, followed by informal discussions with the audience over some refreshments. It was impressive hearing how many people were touched by the show and found it moving. Many individuals said they had shed tears of laughter in points and cried tears of sorrow in the final scenes. Many people said they liked it so much they wanted to come and see it again that evening. Friends and family were influenced by the show as were strangers.

After our audience had left we had some down-time before tucking into some pizza and salad. We then made a couple of fine tuning adjustments with Lee before a few warm-up and focus exercises before giving it everything we had left for the final show. The evening performance went very smoothly, again with a brilliant audience response which felt really great. Many of us were glad to see it was filmed so we can show our work to people who couldn’t attend the show. I think we are all very proud of the show we created, but glad it’s all over now and the pressure is off until the next project begins.

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