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Eulogy - a new production from Project X

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Project X’s latest piece of work is called Eulogy. Some members of the group were a bit doubtful about the title when it was selected by the director. Eulogy is still very much a work in progress and we have a lot to do in the next four weeks before performance in Hamoaze House on 8th September.

Those of us familiar with working with director Lee Hart know we start with a few ideas and concepts and we spend plenty of time discussing. We then playfully create a few little scenes and tableaux with possible characters in. This is like creating pieces of a jigsaw which we will put together as we like at our leisure as we construct the piece.

We did particularly well with some ‘free writing exercises’ this time as it allowed some of our usually quiet, peaceful members to release some inner tension on paper. I won’t mention names but a couple of our members really let their hair down and had a good rant against modern society and patriarchal culture.

Via this and the fact we wanted to look at how a woman would react to news that her difficult life had only a short time left to it, we created the leading character Maggie. Maggie is stressed out by her pretty useless partner and her lazy, selfish children. She needs to change the priorities in her life to at least get some satisfaction from what is left of it.

Due to the open-minded way we work in Project X we have all been able to make contributions to the script and what happens in each scene. There are those who come to almost every session and those that have other commitments but we can all be involved and we are still working on casting and script writing with about 3 weeks till production week which is when the pieces of the puzzle composing Eulogy will finally be stuck into place. We will then polish it and do our matinee and evening performance at Hamoaze House, Devonport. As some members of the group know well it is a place where resources are invested in families, parents and young people affected by substance misuse in the community.

It should be an ideal audience for Eulogy as we are looking at a serious subject with a generous helping of dark comedy. As many of us know from past experiences you either laugh or cry to get through life events, or maybe both.

Eulogy will be performed at 2pm & 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th September at Hamoaze House in Stonehouse. Please contact the Box Office on 01752 267222.

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