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Perspectives on... The Solid Life of Sugar Water: Week 3

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And so, we are in Plymouth!

I am writing the 3rd installment of our Sugar Water blog from the top floor of the charming Plymouth townhouse Genevieve and I are staying in for our sojourn down in the South West.

Opening night looms just over a week away, and we are ready for our intense 7 days ahead to get the show ready.

The past week has been a rigorous one. Rehearsals were moved from Graeae HQ in Hoxton, to the Half Moon Theatre in Limehouse.

This was an interesting test for Genevieve and I, to rehearse in an unfamiliar space and to bring the quality of the work we had been doing in the weeks prior to somewhere new. Great practice for when we move into The Drum in Plymouth!

Our focus on this week was understanding the full shape of the play, and tuning and tweaking what we had rehearsed to the next level, (and the next, and the next…). With a piece such as this, there is always more to be found, and the more we delved into the characters and what each scene meant, the clearer the journey became for Phil and Alice, and also for the audience watching them.

Amit was keen for us to discover the love between the two in the play. With the writing sometimes being quite graphic, and stark, it was sometimes easy to forget that, but with such a complex arc for our characters to ride, it was imperative to remember throughout; they are in love!

Moments where Phil attempts to sign ‘I like you’ to Alice, and fails miserably, or the scene where they both dance to Dire Straits were opportunities to really discover the love in the relationship.

The run up to Plymouth has been an intense one. We had our first run at the end of the week, and both Genevieve and I were physically and emotionally spent by the end. We took this as a good sign.

This week in Plymouth before we open will be one to get to know the space we are working. I for one am very excited to see the set, and to get up and have a play on it! With our trusty crew we will embark on a 3 day tech session to perfect all our lights, sounds, cues, and any other issues in the space. We have 2 days at TR2, Theatre Royal Plymouth’s secondary rehearsal and production space, then come Wednesday we will be in The Drum for the rest of our time.

Bring it on.

The Solid Life of Sugar Water will be performed at the Theatre Royal Plymouth from Monday 8th to Saturday 13th June before transferring to the Pleasance Dome at the Edinburgh Festival from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 30th August.

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